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The history

It is a species of passerine bird belonging to the Corvidae family, crows and the like. Its common name is Yucatecan chara also known as Mesoamerican magpie. It is quasi-epidemic of the Yucatan Peninsula, inhabits Belize, Guatemala ( El Petén ), and southern Mexico (Quintana Roo, Campeche, Yucatán and Tabasco).

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests and degraded old forests. One of the most peculiar aspects of the Yucatecan chara is its color: the striking bright light blue back contrasts with the black of its head, belly and beak and with its yellow legs. But in the large groups of charas we will observe that this animal sports two other color combinations according to its age.

Young Yucatecan charas have blue wings, but the plumage of the belly and head is white, and their beak and yellow legs. With maturity, they acquire the black color but keep the ring around the yellow eye and beak for a few more months, as do the white tips of the tail's internal feathers.

Hotel del Gobernador

Local name

Seasonality in the Yucatan Peninsula
Endemic Resident

Risk status
Risk free

- Its main food is fruits and seeds, also insects and terrestrial invertebrates
- Their habitat is the cornfields and pastures and the forests in regeneration or acahuales
- Always walk in large groups in search of food
- It is very scandalous when you find outlaws in your habitat