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The Mayan Legend

At that time, when animals had just formed, the quail (Béech) was the favorite bird of the gods. It was endowed with a beautiful plumage, a coquettish doily adorned its haughty head, and he was allowed to build their nests in the treetops, to protect their little ones from the snares of wild beasts and hunters. That was how his family became increasingly numerous.

Any other living being would have been very grateful for those privileges; but the quail obfuscated in his selfishness was not satisfied. In her inner jurisdiction, she hoped to someday possess an entire world, in which only she and her numerous offspring would live.

On one occasion, the kindly Great Spirit felt like visiting the earth, he longed to contemplate again the world he had helped create. Then, he invited YaaxKin, the prince of the Sun, to accompany him on his journey and, taking human form, descended to earth.

The news of this visit made Bolontikú, the prince of Darkness, turn black with envy. And he swore revenge by making travelers' plans fail.

To that end, he sent his spies to keep track of outsiders, and sat on his ebony throne to await the results of his machinations.

However, as soon as the visitors entered the jungle, the good geniuses of the mountain, realized the presence of the spies, and swore to protect their guests.

Disappointed by the constant failures of their plans, the spies decided to interrogate the birds, sweetening their harsh and unpleasant voice as much as possible.

However, with those feigned voices, they failed to fool the cunning little birds. And everyone refused to give him any information, except Béech, who ambitioned a world for her.

The selfish quail secretly instructed his offspring. And when the divine visitors approached, the numerous quail family took flight, producing a great rumble, which made travelers stop to investigate, all of which allowed the spies to locate them.

The Great Spirit felt deep sorrow when he realized the perverse ploy of Bolontikú; but upon recognizing the quail in the betraying bird - precisely to which he had loved so much - tears of disappointment sprang from his eyes, and he declared: “Betrayal Beech, from now on, you and all yours will be at the mercy of the beasts and hunters, for near the earth they will live forever. ”

Local Name

Seasonality in the Yucatan Peninsula
Endemic Resident

Risk status
Risk free

- Its main food is fruits and seeds and also insects and terrestrial invertebrates
- Their habitat is the cornfields and pastures and the forests in regeneration or acahuales
- They measure between 20 and 29 cm
- They rarely get off the ground and are good runners