Hotel del Gobernador

The legend

The wisest Maya say that the Gods created all things on earth and in doing so, each animal, each tree and each stone was commissioned to do a job. But when they had finished, they noticed that there was no one in charge of carrying their desires and thoughts from one place to another.

Since they no longer had mud or corn to make another animal, they took a jade stone and with it they carved a very small arrow. When she was ready, they blew on her and the little arrow flew out. It was no longer a simple arrow, now it had life, the gods had created al x ts'unu'um, that is, the hummingbird.

Hotel del Gobernador

Local Name

Seasonality in the Yucatan Peninsula
Endemic Resident

Risk Status
In danger of extinction

- Its main food is nectar
- Its priority habitat is the coastal dune.
- Hummingbirds have the ability to fly in different directions.
- They are the only birds that can fly in reverse.