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The Yucatecan tanager ( Piranga roseogularis ) is a species of passerine bird of the Cardinalidae family (although some sources place their genus, Piranga in Thraupidae). Inhabits the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) and adjacent areas of Guatemala and Belize.

Adult individuals measure about 15 cm in length. The males are gray with the red crown; the throat is pink, the same as the lower cover feathers of the tail, and the wings and tail are reddish. The females are oliváceas, with the yellow throat and the gray chest. They live in deciduous forests.

Local Name
Yucatecan Tanager

Seasonality in the Yucatan Peninsula
Endemic Resident

Risk status
Risk free

- Its main food is fruits and seeds and also insects and terrestrial invertebrates
- Its habitat is the preserved forests
- When she is looking for a partner she is usually very scandalous, but she is mostly shy