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Mayan legend

For the ancient Maya, the toh was a Royal Bird, who lived in the bird kingdom of the Mayan Land, according to legend. At that time it had a long, bright tail full of colored feathers that competed with the beauty of the beautiful King Kukul. Bird admired by everyone, she became proud and arrogant, so instead of working, she spent the day in the jungle of cháchara with some real birds, and making others bring her food so as not to spoil her wonderful tail. One afternoon when the sky announced a storm, a bird meeting was called to assign a mission to each one, such as building shelters and gathering food. The toh refused round saying he was "an aristocrat, not a worker."

Finally, he pretended to work with the rest, but when no one noticed he ran to hide among some bushes, in the crack of a stone wall and fell asleep, not realizing that his beautiful tail of feathers had been left out, on the way they carried cargo. Finally the storm ended and the bird kingdom had endured quite well, everyone went out to celebrate it and the toh went out to meet the others pretending to be tired of the hard work done; when he arrived where his companions were, he placed himself as always in his favorite place: the highest branch, so that everyone could admire as before they did their tail ... but this time everyone laughed. It was then that the toh realized what had happened and when his friends laughed telling him that he should have been spoiled while working so hard, he sensed that they were joking, he was ashamed and how he did not want everyone else to know that he had not been working To save his common home, he decided to flee to the most inaccessible in the jungle, digging his house in a pit of soft limestone. Since then he hides ashamed, living in holes.

Local Name

Seasonality in the Yucatan Peninsula

Risk status
Risk free

- Its main food is insects and terrestrial invertebrates.
- Its priority habitat is the forests in regeneration or acahuales.
- It is also known as the watch bird, since being alarmed moves its tail from side to side like a pendulum.