Hotel del Gobernador

The history

This specimen is totally endemic, restricted to the three states that make up the Yucatan Peninsula. It measures 16.3 cm. Its back is totally orange, with its black wings with a little white. The tail is also black with white tips not very easy to perceive. It has a black bar from the beginning of the beak to its eye and no black on the forehead. From the lower jaw to the center of his chest a type of black tie. The female is distinguished by having yellow instead of the orange of the male.

There are two species similar to this pocket: The Dorsinegro pocket (Icterus gularis) and the cuculate pocket (Icterus cucullatus).

It feeds on insects, fruits and seeds. They nest both in low and high parts of the trees occasionally in colony. It is seen alone or in pairs, other times with other species of purses.

The name of the purse maker is because their nests effectively resemble bags. Also known in Yucatán as La Calandria Cuculada; His name in Maya: Yuyum or Yuya.

Hotel del Gobernador

Local name

Seasonality in the Yucatan Peninsula
Endemic Resident

Risk status
Risk free

- Its main food is fruits and seeds and also insects and terrestrial invertebrates
- Their habitat is the preserved forests and the regenerating or acahual forests
- Its name in Spanish is because they build their nests in the form of a bag